— The Merchant

Cursed, I don’t think so. I’m blessed far more than I deserve. Is selling whatever I can get my hands on as the village shopkeep what I envisioned for my life? Not hardly, but it’s preparing me for so much more. Once I get enough supplies I’m out of this little town or whatever the hell you want to call it. I’m just biding my time for now, and my time is coming soon.

I don’t need a man in my life, I don’t need a child in my life, I just need me in my life. I can take care of myself better than anyone else can. I may act like the pretty little shopkeep, but I’m destined for so much more. My calling is greater than just getting by. I’m going to restore my home to how it was before all of this happened, and whoever doesn’t share my dreams will be left behind.