The gaming world of Sojourn.

Sojourn is a unique spin on the apocalyptic genre and it will be launching on Kickstarter on April 17th, 2018!

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What is sojourn?

Sojourn is board game with a unique and immersive spin on the apocalyptic genre that will be on Kickstarter April, 17th 2018!

In this world WWI never ended, and as nations got desperate to finish the war, they turned to scientists to manipulate the weather in order to give them the advantage over their adversaries. Instead of being able to harness this power, the scientists who worked on it ended up destabilizing weather to the point that seasons and climates grew unstable, turbulently changing, creating extreme climate conditions across the globe.

Fast forward 100 years, and you have the time and setting of “Sojourn”.

The technology is anchored back in the WWI setting, but over the past 100 years people have modified it to make it more useful in the new world they now inhabit. Players will fight to survive this new world by crafting, scavenging, fighting, and building. Everything you do in this game matters, and will influence the final score you get at the end of the game.

What makes Sojourn
so different?

It’s a universe, not just a game.

After the board game is finished, we will begin working on a tabletop RPG that will be set in the same universe to explore the incredibly rich backstory and setting the world of Sojourn presents.

Win How You Want.

Do you like fighting? Building? Crafting? Exploring? Scavenging? Forging alliances? You choose how you win, and every route to victory is viable.

Deep Replayability

After playing the suggested board layout for first time players, you will get used to how the game works and can customize your play experience to your liking!

Amazing & Unique Setting.

With a unique take on the apocalyptic genre, you’ll be immersed in a world that is fresh, interesting, and a little bit crazy.

Intriguing Characters

Pick your favorite survivor to battle the ever changing environment, and level them up in a way that suits your particular play style.

The rulebook is coming!

So you want to learn more about Sojourn’s gameplay? No Problem! Our rulebook will be available for download soon. Subscribe using the link below to get notified.

The print and play will be here soon!

Want to test drive Sojourn before buying it? Stay tuned, we will be releasing a print and play soon.

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